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Pieces of a Puzzle.

The clothes on my back cling to my body in the sweltering heat; the blistering sun shows no mercy. Not a sound stirs along my way, the cloudless abyss of blue stretches above me, cicadas screech in the humid air.

On the journey puzzle pieces scatter before me, some hidden, overturned, many are lost. All journeys are a collection of puzzles pieces that come together to create a whole, a whole answer or truth, a lesson. At times the Universe will present us with a clue towards finding our next piece; it is up to us to have the openness and vision to follow. Yet many leave this Earth with unfinished Puzzles.

Excuse the spacing between each post, as I have started to write my first book – since my writing is so based upon my personal experiences and journey’s; emotionally, spiritually and physically, it can take time to piece together and understand.


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11 thoughts on “Pieces of a Puzzle.

  1. It’s beautiful! So happy to hear that you are writing a book. It’s going to be wonderful. I love your writing. 🙂 xoxo

  2. Congratulations on writing your first book – what an incredible endeavor! 🙂

  3. How wonderful! Congratulations on writing your first book! xo

  4. You’re writing a book how fabulous! Will you let us know more about it as time moves on?

    I do love that last photo of the jar and the light. Something about it made me think of the wishes in Aladdin and the things I want to do in life… it’s so short, we have to make the very best of it right now, in the moment 🙂

  5. Good luck with your book! I hope I can read it =)!

    And I’m a little jealous you’re dealing with sweltering heat…it’s currently gray and cloudy where I am.

  6. Congrats on writing your on book! And these images are so gorgeous!

  7. pretty photos and words ❤

  8. Clare on said:

    Wow! I too am looking to write my first book. I wish you ALL the best! I know it will be an amazing experience for you!

  9. It’s worth the wait for your posts, they are always so piercing and wonderful. I cannot wait to hear more about your book, I’m so happy for you that you’re writing one!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. CinZilicious on said:

    Big congrats on writing your first book!!! You must let us know how it goes=)

    I love the images, they look so cultural. The first 2 images actually remind me of Morocco.

    Hope you will be back to writing soon!!!


    • CinZilicious on said:

      By the way, I have a little something that i forgot to tell ya=)

      In celebration for my blog’s 3 years anniversary, I would like to invite you to enter my very ever first gift giveaway. You will get a chance to win 3 amazing chic gifts so feel free to drop by for further details:D

      Hope you have a great weekend!


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